About the blog:

My main aim is to explore and inter­view women who run their own busi­nesses in cre­at­ive pro­fes­sions.

What does it involve and what makes an ‘art and craft’ object and occupation/job so unique? What can nature offer us? And what can be cre­ated from using nat­ur­al mater­i­als?

If these are topics that interest you, then join me on my jour­ney of dis­cov­ery.

Of find­ing women who have an excit­ing cre­at­ive pro­fes­sion and who are will­ing to give me an insight into their work. And the many other women who have just taken their first step in train­ing, self-employ­ment and a new pro­ject.  What moves them? What are their goals? What does their work­ing life look like? These are just a few aspects that you will find in the 'STORIES' – their stor­ies.

What is so spe­cial about cre­at­ing some­thing with your own hands? How do you achieve your pro­fes­sion­al qual­i­fic­a­tions? Are there new trends and inter­pret­a­tions of ‘arts and crafts’?  How do you market and sell your products? These are ques­tions that I will cover in 'ARTISAN'.

Relax and enjoy a spe­cial out­look at our envir­on­ment through col­ours and shapes. Get to know the unique­ness of a nat­ur­al product. Or simply be inspired by the beauty of nat­ur­al things. Those are topics you will find under 'NATURE'

About me:

In my child­hood, my grand­moth­er was employed as a men’s tailor and taught me a lot about the unique­ness of her craft. After gradu­at­ing from high school, these exper­i­ences and my enthu­si­asm for the opera led me to an intern­ship at the cos­tume depart­ment of the Aachen City Theatre. Fol­low­ing that, my ‘wan­der­lust’ – and my curi­os­ity for dis­cov­er­ing spe­cial women and coun­tries  took me to visit Lisa, my Amer­ic­an tex­tile artist friend in Alaska.

I worked my way through many excit­ing sub­jects during my time at a German design uni­ver­sity, fol­lowed by a Mas­ters degree in cos­tume and stage design at Cent­ral St.Martin's Col­lege in London. My first job brought me back to work in a small theatre in Ger­many. Curi­os­ity then led me to apply for a job in the male-dom­in­ated auto­mot­ive design field – where I found a new and chal­len­ging work envir­on­ment. This auto­mot­ive design career spanned over 25 years with major Amer­ic­an and South Korean com­pan­ies. My work allowed me to live and work in the UK, the US and Ger­many. More recently I also worked  and traveled in Japan, China and espe­cially South Korea.

At design fairs, museums, and other artist­ic events, I have met great women who are enthu­si­ast­ic about their pro­fes­sion – and the objects they design and create.

In inspir­ing con­ver­sa­tions, I have learned much about their occu­pa­tions and their every­day work. In recent exchanges with my three adult sons and their girl­friends, I have dis­covered new cre­at­ive impulses and com­mon­al­it­ies. Dis­cov­er­ing nature and know­ing and using its resources is also a cur­rent topic of interest to them.

If you are on a quest your­self, have already taken your first steps, would like to net­work with others, are look­ing for some back­ground inform­a­tion, or would like to be inspired by cre­at­ive women - then join me on my jour­ney.