About the blog:

My main aim is to explore and interview women who run their own businesses in creative professions.

What does it involve and what makes an ‘art and craft’ object and occupation/job so unique? What can nature offer us? And what can be created from using natural materials?

If these are topics that interest you, then join me on my journey of discovery.

Of finding women who have an exciting creative profession and who are willing to give me an insight into their work. And the many other women who have just taken their first step in training, self-employment and a new project.  What moves them? What are their goals? What does their working life look like? These are just a few aspects that you will find in the ‘STORIES’ – their stories.

What is so special about creating something with your own hands? How do you achieve your professional qualifications? Are there new trends and interpretations of ‘arts and crafts’?  How do you market and sell your products? These are questions that I will cover in ‘ARTISAN’.

Relax and enjoy a special outlook at our environment through colours and shapes. Get to know the uniqueness of a natural product. Or simply be inspired by the beauty of natural things. Those are topics you will find under ‘NATURE’

About me:

In my childhood, my grandmother was employed as a men’s tailor and taught me a lot about the uniqueness of her craft. After graduating from high school, these experiences and my enthusiasm for the opera led me to an internship at the costume department of the Aachen City Theatre. Following that, my ‘wanderlust’ – and my curiosity for discovering special women and countries  took me to visit Lisa, my American textile artist friend in Alaska.

I worked my way through many exciting subjects during my time at a German design university, followed by a Masters degree in costume and stage design at Central St.Martin’s College in London. My first job brought me back to work in a small theatre in Germany. Curiosity then led me to apply for a job in the male-dominated automotive design field – where I found a new and challenging work environment. This automotive design career spanned over 25 years with major American and South Korean companies. My work allowed me to live and work in the UK, the US and Germany. More recently I also worked  and traveled in Japan, China and especially South Korea.

At design fairs, museums, and other artistic events, I have met great women who are enthusiastic about their profession – and the objects they design and create.

In inspiring conversations, I have learned much about their occupations and their everyday work. In recent exchanges with my three adult sons and their girlfriends, I have discovered new creative impulses and commonalities. Discovering nature and knowing and using its resources is also a current topic of interest to them.

If you are on a quest yourself, have already taken your first steps, would like to network with others, are looking for some background information, or would like to be inspired by creative women – then join me on my journey.