F O O D - F A C T S


A high protein content makes oyster mushrooms especially interesting for vegetarians and vegans. They taste perfect grilled, breaded and as a ragout with many side dishes.


The Golden oyster mushroom not only has a yellow cap but also a lemony aroma, the king oyster mushroom resembles in taste the porcini, the pink oyster mushroom tastes like bacon and the shiitake mushroom has a subtle garlic flavor.



The mushroom as a cultivated fungus was first grown in France around 1750. Gardeners found the mushroom on their organic manure in vegetable beds and continued to experiment with cultivation.  Many fine mushrooms like the oyster mushroom originated in Asia. In the 14th century, they were already cultivated in China.



ASIA – 20 kg

per capita

Europe/US – 2,4 kg

per capita

Did you know that …

Mushrooms are not actually plants? Along with animals and plants, fungi form a separate category of living things. Like plants, they are sedentary, but cannot photosynthesize. Therefore, like animals, they must absorb organic substances, but in dissolved form.

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