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A high pro­tein con­tent makes oyster mush­rooms espe­cially inter­est­ing for veget­ari­ans and vegans. They taste per­fect grilled, breaded and as a ragout with many side dishes.


The Golden oyster mush­room not only has a yellow cap but also a lemony aroma, the king oyster mush­room resembles in taste the por­cini, the pink oyster mush­room tastes like bacon and the shii­take mush­room has a subtle garlic flavor.



The mush­room as a cul­tiv­ated fungus was first grown in France around 1750. Garden­ers found the mush­room on their organ­ic manure in veget­able beds and con­tin­ued to exper­i­ment with cul­tiv­a­tion.  Many fine mush­rooms like the oyster mush­room ori­gin­ated in Asia. In the 14th cen­tury, they were already cul­tiv­ated in China.



ASIA - 20 kg

per capita

Europe/US - 2,4 kg

per capita

Did you know that ...

Mush­rooms are not actu­ally plants? Along with anim­als and plants, fungi form a sep­ar­ate cat­egory of living things. Like plants, they are sedent­ary, but cannot pho­to­syn­thes­ize. There­fore, like anim­als, they must absorb organ­ic sub­stances, but in dis­solved form.

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