A farm shop with a new look!

How a harmonious interplay of colors and materials give the farm shop an individual style.

The renovation of the small farm store for exquisite goat cheese now reflects the owner's love of nature. The newly built cheese manufactory sits next to the old family farm house. The small village is surrounded by meadows and forests of the South Eifel. Part of the national park area in Germany, which is close to Luxembourg.

The almost square 4m x 4m interior has a wide glass front facing the street and offers a view of the fields and forests of the unspoiled countryside. The ceiling height of 3 meters gives the small sales room a certain airiness. The floor tiles in a wood look were laid during the new construction. The oak shelves and an antique softwood cabinet are present and fit into the new interior design concept.

The new color concept now offers an individual setting for the handmade goat cheese and other selected local products. The combination of the brass light fixtures with the 'sage green' for the walls bring a touch of French flair to the countryside village. They also show where the owner learned her cheese craft: in Poitou, a well-known goat cheese region in France.

Creating the right ATMOSPHERE with LIGHT.

The elegant luminaires with a matte brass-colored surface give the small salesroom an urban chic look. The light cones shine discreetly downwards and perfectly set the scene for the creamy white goat cheese. A nice addition is the shelf lamp in a ‘Retro’ look.

Courage for NATURE and its COLORS

The 'sage' green shade for the walls generates a modern ambient tone with charm and style. A harmonious contrast to the white tile backsplash on the wall behind the sales counter. The vivid wallpaper with colorful flowers and ferns creates a perfect background for the regional products on offer. The almost square floor space is divided into a small presentation area by the use of the wallpaper in 2 different areas. Used as a backdrop for the shelve it also interrupts the direct view of the tiled corner with the sink.

DETAILS set harmonious ACCENTS

The existing oak shelves were combined with new hanging shelves. The holders made of naturally tanned leather fit perfectly. Other DEKO details set homely accents and reflect the love for the goats and the regional flora & fauna. The painted goat portrait of the best dairy goat named 'Miss Andecks' is a gift for the store opening. When entering the farm store, she shows visitors which kind of cheese they can expect.

NATURE, real HANDWORK, and exquisite GOAT CHEESE.

A farm store with a 'feel-good' character where fine organic goat cheese can be tasted and purchased. The cheese factory is open between 9 am - 1 pm during the week and on Saturday. Petra Elsen is looking forward to all goat cheese enthusiasts and curious people who want to become one. She is happy to guide her customers through her fine selection. Her varieties Buchette, Chevrette, Chevre Noir, goat parmesan, barbeque cheese, fresh cheese in aromatic varieties and her pasture cheese - all are worth a visit.

Pro­ject: farm shop renov­a­tion

Theme: love for nature, goat cheese with a french flair, real hand­work, region­al organ­ic food


A sage green tone - chic and trendy, har­mo­ni­ous nat­ur­al tones, warm oak wood, easy but vibrant con­trast to the Clean white tiles, few color accents, brass as a noble metal tone, the wall­pa­per with a graph­ic pat­tern of forest and meadow plants add a mod­ern­ity and light­ness to the shop

Effort & costs: reas­on­able

Wall paint: eco­lo­gic­al wall paint

Fur­niture: further use of exist­ing fur­niture was desired 

Homemade shelves made of oak, wood boards oiled, shelf hold­ers made of nat­ur­ally tanned leath­er


Dec­or­a­tion: the 'goat' as a theme in dif­fer­ent ver­sions, also as a painted pic­ture, pho­to­graphy, framed wall­pa­per pic­tures, shelf lamp in a matte metal tone, plants and flower accents.

painted goat por­trait: from #WIASOLA

Farm shop con­tact:

You can find Petra's story about her cheese man­u­fac­tury here:

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