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Sarah grows oyster mush­rooms, lime side mush­rooms & truffles. She sells her quail eggs and her self-pro­duced del­icatessen products such as mush­room risotto, pasta, mush­room beer & spice blends in her farm store.

Petra makes her hand­made cheese from the milk of her goats. In her small farm store in the coun­tryside 'the Eifel' she sells her cheeses such as Buchette, Chevre Noir, Zick­orino and cream cheese. She man­ages her farm accord­ing to the German Eco­lo­gic­al farm­ing guidelines.

Petra stellt ihren Zie­gen­käse aus der Milch ihrer Ziegen her. In ihrem klein­en Hofladen in der Eifel verkauft sie ihre Käse­sorten wie Buchette, Chevre Noir, Zick­orino, Frisch­käse mit und ohne leckere Kräuter­mis­chun­gen.

Claudia has built up her sheep farm with 10 sheep. Her flock of sheep now grazes the coun­tryside near Aachen. They make an import­ant con­tri­bu­tion to the very much needed biod­iversity. Claudia's herd­ing dogs - the Aus­trali­an 'Work­ing Kel­pies' pro­tect the endangered sheep breed 'Die Ost­preuss­is­che Skudde'.

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